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Wealth Management

By incorporating information from our clients’ other advisors (e.g., accountants/attorneys, etc.), we work to achieve a seamless, successful long-term plan that strives to grow and protect capital, minimize taxes, and pass assets to future generations, charities, or for other purposes in the most cost-effective manner.

Tax Planning

With input from clients and other professionals who serve them, our wealth management process focuses on managing investments in the most tax efficient manner. Through knowledge of a client's tax rate; the timing of investment decisions; and the knowledge of where assets are “housed,” we seek to avoid unnecessary taxes and to optimize cash flow.


Risk Management

Client cash flow needs, obligations, unique family considerations and even age, are important considerations in determining an appropriate portfolio asset allocation. With that knowledge and by working closely with a client's legal, tax, and insurance advisors, risks can be mitigated, and the likelihood of long-term goal achievement can be enhanced.

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Financial Coordination

As a professional wealth management team, one of our most important commitments is to incorporate, and help synchronize, all aspects of a client's “financial life”.


Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a constant in order to assure comfortable and angst-free later years. A client’s attorney, accountant, and/or insurance advisor who, early on, helped with initial retirement planning will continue to be an important input to this ongoing process and the achievement of retirement financial goals.

Charitable Giving

Finally, our knowledge of charitable giving may help clients provide the greatest impact to the charity or other organizations they are passionate about, reduce the effect of taxes and address certain investment portfolio considerations such as concentrated or appreciated assets.

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