Our Philosophy

The guiding philosophy at Parkview Partners Capital Management is first, know and understand your clients and their objectives to the highest degree possible, and then invest in fundamentally sound, long-term financial assets that can protect purchasing power, increase income and provide attractive real returns for each of those clients. In fact, we invest our own assets, the same way we invest for our clients – thus we have a vested interest in your success and satisfaction.

Quantifiable success in achieving your objectives is measured in both absolute and relative terms, and is provided to you quarterly. The most important measure though is meeting your goals and objectives as they relate to income requirements, investment time horizon and tolerance for risk (volatility).

Our personal, tax-efficient and customized approach and philosophy has resulted in a long-standing tradition of working toward our clients' objectives and retaining relationships for decades.  That is “our history” as well as our intention.





There are many reasons people invest, but the above are the most common.  At Parkview Partners Capital Management our tax-sensitive, balanced approach favors equity investments because stocks have historically provided superior returns. However, taxable or non-taxable fixed-income is often an important element of client portfolios, particularly when higher levels of cash flow are required.

Our process emphasizes a strategically diversified portfolio of fundamentally sound, high quality stocks representing companies with sustainable business models and the ability to consistently grow both earning and dividends. Bonds and “cash” in client portfolios are also actively managed to increase diversification, provide income and to reduce volatility.  Ultimately, long-term, portfolio total return is based on the amount of risk (volatility) one assumes, the return achieved and the costs incurred. We weigh all of those factors importantly.


Asset Allocation and Diversification –

The Keys to Success

The primary determinate of long-term investment success (returns) is asset allocation3 i.e., the distribution of stocks, bonds, “cash” and other investments in a portfolio. As a result, a great deal of time, thought and analysis is given to understanding client objectives, needs, obligations, risk tolerance and investment time-horizon in order to determine the proper strategic asset allocation.

Consistent, Objective, Disciplined and Repeatable

The recent and increasing focus on short-term results in financial markets is in opposition to sound investment principles. We are, and believe clients should be, long-term investors who seek consistency and the rewards of compounding investment returns.

1Stocks, Bonds & Bills: 1928 - Current, New York University, Stern School of Business.

2There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.

3Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

















Our Services


Wealth Management

By providing investment input from other financial experts (e.g. accounts/tax attorneys, etc.) we work to pursue a seamless, successful long-term plan that seeks to grow and protect capital, minimize taxes and pass assets to future generations, charities, or for other purposes in the most cost-effective manner.

Tax Planning

Our wealth management process includes a focus on managing investments in the most tax efficient manner. Through knowledge of a client's tax rate; the timing of investment decisions; and the knowledge of where assets are “housed” we seek to avoid unnecessary taxes and their effect of cash flow.


Financial Coordination

As a professional wealth management team, our commitment is to incorporate, and help synchronize, all aspects of a client's “financial life”.

Retirement Planning

In earlier stages of one's life, those same advisors may be helpful in the process of determining retirement income goals and the actions necessary to work to achieve those goals and build capital.

Risk Management

By working closely with a client's legal, tax, and insurance advisors, the likelihood of long-term goal achievement is enhanced.

Charitable Giving

Finally, our knowledge of charitable giving may help clients provide the greatest impact to the charity or other organizations they are passionate about, reduce the effect of taxes and address certain investment portfolio considerations such as concentrated or appreciated assets.